Amro Salah Jazz Trio

Amro Salah,a native Egyptian from Cairo, is a renowned composer and pianist in Egypts contemporary music scene. Even though he graduated as a Pharmacist, he preferred to pursue a career in music, joining The Trinity College of Music in London and later on focusing on his greatest passion-Jazz Music.

Amro studied with Rashad Fahim and worked together with Egyptian Jazz icons such as Yehia Khalil, Ahmed Rabie and the late Salah Ragab and Hassan Khalil. He has shared the stage with many renowned Jazz and World music artists like Tommy Smith, Roberto Gatto, Edmar Castaneda, Ross Daly, Jay Rodriguez, and Theodosii Spassov. In 2010, he formed his Jazz Trio, performing Jazz standards and original compositions with new interpretations. Currently, Amro works as the Director of Cairo Jazz Festival and the leader of the world Jazz band, Eftekasat.


Amro Salah - Piano

Ehab Tass - Bass

Ahmed Hesham - Drums